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Dr. Stephen Upchurch
Your Royal Oak Chiropractor

★★★★★ on
5 out of 5 stars
pjones pjones
in the last 2 weeks
I have benefitted from Dr. Upchurch’s expertise and care. I highly recommend Dr. Upchurch and his staff.
★★★★☆ on
4 out of 5 stars
Brad Watson
about 2 weeks ago
★★★★★ on
5 out of 5 stars
Gary J Schuler
about 1 months ago
★★★★★ on
5 out of 5 stars
about 3 weeks ago
Been going here for years and I havent found any place better.
★★★★★ on
5 out of 5 stars
Don Magee
about 3 weeks ago
Great chiropractic care is what you’ll get. I’ve been going here for 5 years and it’s been a positive experience. Dr. Upchurch is very good at what he does, not only the physical treatment but his coaching on how to stay healthy.
★★★★★ on
5 out of 5 stars
Penny Jones
about 3 weeks ago
Dr. Upchurch’s expertise truly changed my condition and now I see him to make sure everything stays healthy. Everyone is professional and friendly. I highly recommend Upchurch Chiropractic.

Wonderful Experience and Great Staff!

I came to Dr. Upchurch with severe neck and back pain, constant headaches, chronic fatigue, and I honestly just felt more dead than alive most days. I had previously tried changes in diet, supplements, yoga, and even anti-depressants. After seeing Dr. Upchurch I immediately began feeling more energy and had less headaches. I was even able to start walking again which was something I did not have the energy to previously. I finally feel normal again!! I am a believer in chiropractic and have even brought my son and husband in to begin treatment. Thank you Dr. Upchurch!

- Janine D.

I brought my son Joshua, age 4, into Dr. Upchurch because of his continual issues with allergies, asthma, and a constant cough. We had previously been to several other doctors including asthma, pulmonary, and allergy specialists. After Dr. Upchurch began treatment on Joshua, we saw immediate results and the cough and congestion ceased. We are so happy with these results and Joshua is happier, no dark circles under his eyes, no more coughing/breathing problems, or pneumonia. Chiropractic works!!

- Katherine S.

When I first came to Dr. Upchurch, I was a mess! My knee was in so much pain I couldn’t even sleep through the night, and the stiffness had caused my hip and lower back to hurt as well. I had already tried physical therapy which costs so much out of pocket and I was at the point where I thought i was going to have to have surgery. After beginning adjustments, my neck and back pain were immediately gone. After a couple weeks my knee pain subsided and I was able to continue normal everyday activities like driving and sleeping. Another positive side effect was Upchurch to everyone I know! ore coughing/breathing problems, or pneumonia. Chiropractic works!!

- Andrea M.

Thank you very much for the improvement in mobility. I have had several other positive health benefits from chiropractic treatment with Dr. Upchurch including less sinus pressure, stable blood pressure, reduced soreness from past injuries that use to keep me from normal everyday activities. I plan on continuing chiropractic care to stay healthy.

- Joseph B.

I have so much appreciation and thanks to Dr. Upchurch for helping with pain and associated difficulties I have endured since being a victim of two, isolated brutal attacks as a teacher of the Detroit Public Schools. Your service and treatment have helped me to reduce the amount of medication needed for spinal injuries related to the attack. I experienced significant inflammation, discomfort, and even muscle atrophy at one point and your therapeutic approach has been a wonderful experience for me. As a member of the scientific educational community and as your patient, I applaud your efforts to provide viable alternatives for patients having Biopsychosocial problems which cannot be medicated to oblivion.

- Dr. Shedrick Ward, Ph.D.

I visited Dr. Upchurch for numbness in my right arm and leg pain. After the doctor took x-rays and a thorough verbal and physical exam, Dr. Upchurch gave me an explanation for the issues I was going through and what my options for treatment were, with NO pressure! He went over cost, long and short term treatment plans in a manner that allowed me to make a comfortable decision that I was comfortable with. This was several weeks ago, and not only did I experience immediate relief, but it continued and lasted the entire time.

This excellent care was augmented by a very friendly and capable staff. Whatever I needed to accommodate my schedule, the front desk was there to help. I recommend Upchurch Chiropractic to all my friends and family and have been extremely pleased with the experience there.

- Gene Koslofsky

I am a long-time patient (over 10 years) of Dr. Upchurch. I have had over the years, since becoming a patient of Dr. Upchurch, weekly "maintenance" adjustments and over the past couple of years, additional monthly "spinal decompression table" treatments. I have suffered from lower back pain since my mid-thirties and now currently in my mid-sixties, am relatively pain free. I am very happy with the care provided by Dr. Upchurch and highly recommend him to others who suffer from back pain!

- John P.

Charles’ Neurological Twitching and Tingling are 99% Better!


Because of my symptoms I went to the ER and even to a neurologist. They

couldn’t find anything and wanted to do more and more tests. I changed my diet. I was taking all sorts of vitamins, trying to get some help. Nothing was working. The symptoms were escalating. I was having shakes, uncontrollable twitches, exhaustion, numbness in my legs, feet and hands, loss of sleep and was getting weaker.

My sister finally convinced me to go and see Dr. Upchurch. After my first adjustment, I noticed less symptoms. Within a few weeks all of my symptoms were basically gone!! My life is finally back to normal again thanks to Dr. Upchurch and his great adjustments!!

John’s Seeing Great Improvement!2

Although, long term lower back and neck pain has consumed my life for a number of years; I’ve always try to cope with the pain the best that I could. However for the past few months, constipation had become a bigger problem than the pain that I had been experiencing. I was prescribed laxatives to relieve the constipation but found that this medicine was totally ineffective for me. Since my son had already benefited from his care with Dr. Upchurch and his health had significantly improved, he suggested that I seek care as well. In just three weeks after receiving adjustments from Dr. Upchurch, the constipation that had been bothering me had improved by 80%. Not only has my digestion improved but at age 87, my lower back and neck pain drastically decreased. My energy level has improved giving me the strength to be able to garden again! I would definitely recommend Dr. Upchurch and his staffs’ care.

Lester’s Back Pain is GONE!3

Off and on for 45 years I have suffered with low back pain. Sometimes it would become severe but eventually it would always go away. Well, shortly before seeing Dr. Upchurch the pain decided to get severe and not go away!! In fact, it got to the point where I was having difficulty sleeping and working. The pain also started shooting down my left leg!!

I know I have some degenerative arthritis in my low back and at first was apprehensive about having Chiropractic care in the fear that it may worsen my pain. Dr. Upchurch did a thorough exam, explained things in detail and worked slowly at first. Eventually he could do more with the adjustments and the pain started to lessen. Now the PAIN IS GONE!!!

Thanks to Dr. Upchurch and his very friendly staff I don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning or going to bed at night with pain!!

Jeff’s TMJ (Jaw) Pain is Gone!4

My wife originally referred me to Dr. Upchurch. I had HORRIBLE jaw pain. I had suffered with this pain for over three weeks. It was difficult for me to chew my food or even concentrate during my day. In my job I have to stay sharp and concentration is a must. Therefore, it was affecting my work. I was even having a hard time sleeping with the pain!!

Now I can say my jaw pain is close to 100% gone!!! It has been amazing. No surgery, no drugs and no dental appliances. Dr. Upchurch even helped me with the fees! Overall, I am very pleased with my care with Dr. Upchurch at Renaissance Chiropractic Life Center and have certainly recommended him to others for their health issues. It really helped!

Erin’s Lower Back and Sciatic Pain is Gone!5

After just a couple of weeks of getting her spinal adjustments with Dr. Upchurch, the pain was totally gone. Her legs feel normal and she can stand on her feet at work all day without any pain! Besides standing, walking and sitting better, Erin also reports that her menstrual cycle is more regular, she is less nervous and her heart beats better! She now comes in for maintenance care and continues to feel great!

Tom - Spinal Decompression


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